The Songlines Music Retreat is an exciting new opportunity to sing and make music in a setting of natural splendour. The Gaspé coast offers a pristine natural landscape from mountains to seashore, and the charming town of Douglastown hosts one of its most beautiful sand and pebble beaches. Each day is composed of an organic schedule of wide-ranging activities with a bilingual facilitator.  Quiet,  meditative beach activities are coupled with convivial group music sessions, all directed toward a regenerative creative experience.

Songlines refers to the aboriginal Australian creation mythology and can be reinterpreted in a myriad of creative ways. Observing the paths and patterns in Gaspe’s pristine environment, we will create beachcombed art in group or individually. For beginners or veteran musicians, all “songlines” activities offer paths to discovery, reflection and awareness while interacting with others. Bring your own songs and stories to share.

While working toward a Saturday evening performance, the Songlines Retreat focuses equally on activities of sharing and self-reflection.  What does singing mean to you, to your family, to your community and to the world?

Delicious homemade meals are provided by the Community Centre, and by a team of dedicated local volunteers.Some local produce and recipes will be used.


3 Responses to About

  1. Linda Drody says:

    I think this is a great idea: lots of fun activities. I hope you will have Luc or Suzanne Briand at the Douglastown Center put this in their local news letter so people will be aware of this activity. I am always busy in the summer but the offer is still there to help with something. I am not sure what I could do.
    I think that whoever participates in this will have a great time and leave feeling refreshed.
    by the way, Dan did a wonderful job with the site.

  2. kathy kennedy says:

    If you’re wondering about being “good enough” to participate in this singing holiday, then worry no more! The emphasis is on FUN, learning, and sharing good times with like-minded people. All the musical pieces have been chosen so that you can participate on any level!

  3. kim zombik says:

    this sounds so so wonderful!

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